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About Us

Charrette Chiropractic TeamCharrette Chiropractic was opened in 2019. The roots of our practice, however, go back decades. Dr. Mark Charrette has been a chiropractor since 1982. He has had offices in San Francisco, Las Vegas and more. What brought him to the Flower Mound area is a classic tale of meeting the love of your life. His wife, Phyllis, is from here and they decided to put down roots in our town.

Dr. Charrette first crossed paths with his partner, Dr. Kaleb Valdez, thanks to Phyllis. She met him while he was attending Parker University. When the opportunity arose to open Charrette Chiropractic, Dr. Charrette and Dr. Valdez decided to join forces. Both are teachers of the technique Dr. Charrette has developed called the Charrette Approach Protocols.

Building a Strong Foundation for Better Health

Our location is an easy stop on your way to or from work. With visits that take 10-15 minutes, you can get in and know that you’ll be able to return to your day. We’re also set apart by our unique adjusting protocol as well as our years of experience. We welcome moms, dads, kids, seniors and athletes who want to get well or reach their best performance yet.

An incredible 95% of people have feet that pronate, or roll inward. As a result, your body compensates and throws your pelvis off balance. Though you can adjust the spine, the imbalance that results from your feet will cause the same unhealthy patterns to emerge. We’ll scan your feet and custom-create a pair of orthotics that make up for any improper motion or position in your feet. Then, we can work on the rest of your body.

Driven to Stop the Opioid Epidemic

We are passionate about eliminating the dependency on opioids. In Texas alone, 17 people a day die from an overdose of opioids. It affects people across class lines. It starts with a prescription for pain. When your prescription runs out, you’re forced to go to the street. The only issue is that when your body has a structural problem, it cannot be solved with a chemical. We correct your body’s underlying structure so that you won’t be forced to rely on covering your pain with a medication.

One of our patients was a man struggling with headaches. A thorough examination determined the problem was in his jaw. The jaw joint wasn’t functioning properly, resulting in neck spasms. The spasms gave the man powerful migraines. He was prescribed opioid medication that would knock him out for an entire day. His family saw him tired, in pain or strung out. After several sessions, we addressed his jaw and the pelvic imbalance that often goes along with jaw problems. The man’s headache went away and he has taken his health into his own hands by doing therapeutic exercises.

Attend or Schedule One of Our Health Talks

You’re busy, and life can be stressful. You want to get more mileage out of the energy you have. How do you do it? We’re available to hold talks at area workplaces to help you and your employees be healthier and more productive. There are also in-office talks held at regular intervals in our chiropractic care center. Contact us today to find out when our next talk is being held!

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