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Chiropractic Care

Dr. Charrette and Dr. Valdez work with the master system of your body to improve the way you function. The spine is a form of armor that keeps the nervous system safe. When the spine is adjusted, the signal from the brain to that part of the body is reorganized. As a result, you might experience reduced pain and an increased range of motion. Some of our patients report even more benefits such as

  • A higher activity level
  • Better sleep
  • Fewer sick days at work
  • Less time in the hospital
  • Normalized digestion
  • The use of fewer medications

Discovering How We Can Help You

In days past, if your car was acting up, you’d take it to a mechanic who would open up the hood and look inside. Now, you take it to a dealership and a man in a suit comes out with a computer. The computer is plugged into your car and can tell you details like if a back tire is a pound under pressure.

Similarly, we’ve utilized cutting-edge technology to understand your needs. Our technology was designed by NASA to perform biological scans. You’ll stand with both feet on the scanner. Several different measures of your feet and balance are taken. By taking this modern look at your health, we can determine what needs correction.

Foot scan on patientCustom-Created Foot Orthotics

Your feet are where the posture and balance for the rest of your body begins. Our foot scans allow the creation of an orthotic that is precisely suited to you. We’ll take a scan and X-rays, then have your orthotic made in the Foot Levelers laboratory. We’ve chosen to use their products because they move with your foot rather than being rigid like other orthotics. They give the superior support your body needs.

Aligning Your Body

The primary adjusting technique our chiropractors use is the Charrette Approach Protocols developed by Dr. Charrette. With a gentle touch, we’ll provide precise adjustments to suit your needs. We move quickly and efficiently in a way that you’re comfortable. If you are pregnant or have osteoporosis, we may use an Activator® instrument. Our top-of-the-line drop table gives an extra measure of ease to adjustments for pregnant moms or people who don’t want to hear any clicking noises.

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