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Meet Mykele Kennington – Office Manager

Chiropractic is in my blood. And my husband’s blood—since he came from a family of chiropractors.

When my husband enrolled in the Parker College of Chiropractic, we left Idaho, where I was born and raised, to begin our own adventure in chiropractic here in Texas.

I’m the first person you’ll meet when you come to our practice. I get to use my enthusiasm for chiropractic and my passion for people to create a sense of family among our patients.

I love connecting with our patients and learning about their lives and the many different ways in which chiropractic has improved their lives. I get to work beside two amazing chiropractors who continue to challenge and inspire me.

When I’m not at the practice and my husband isn’t studying, we love to be outdoors with our two dogs. If we’re not hiking or fishing, you’ll find us having fun four-wheeling.

Thanks for visiting our website today. Give us a call and let’s get you feeling better and on the road to recovery. I hope to get to meet you soon.


Meet Dr. Vi Nguyen

How the Aroma of Pizza Led Her to Chiropractic

As a pre-pharmacy major, Dr. Nguyen was getting ready to head off to pharmacy school. One day at her university, she smelled the enticing aroma of pizza, following it to its delivery destination. It led to where a chiropractor was speaking. He talked about how the nervous system controlled everything in the body.

Dr. Nguyen was fascinated by hearing him discuss how his allergies and asthma improved as a result of chiropractic care. After a long journey of taking medications, getting shots and using inhalers, the doctor was able to be free of his symptoms, naturally. So inspired by what she heard, Dr. Nguyen decided to enroll at Parker University. She earned her Doctor of Chiropractic in 2007.

A Passion for Helping Others

When Dr. Nguyen was in high school, her dad got sick and sadly passed away. “That fueled my passion for wellness and drove me to want to keep healthy people healthy.” She wanted to be a chiropractor to help her father’s legacy live on—to help others not suffer the way he did.
Here at Charrette Chiropractic, Dr. Nguyen is passionate about helping her patients live healthy, vibrant lives. She is delighted to be working with Dr. Charrette and Dr. Valdez, as she admires them both greatly. Dr. Nguyen has been using Dr. Charrette’s well-known protocol that she learned at Parker, where Dr. Valdez also studied.

“My heart is behind them, and I support them 100 percent!” Dr. Nguyen feels blessed to get to do what she loves in such a positive environment.

In Her Spare Time

When she’s not at the practice, Dr. Nguyen loves spending time with her two young daughters. She feels so blessed to be their mother and is focused on being the loving, supportive mom that she knew she always needed as a child.

Dr. Nguyen, who is fluent in Vietnamese, enjoys painting and writing. She’s currently working on writing books, and she also enjoys inspiring others and public speaking. As a Christian with a strong faith, Dr. Nguyen is passionate about making more disciples. She also loves to help patients find their “lightbulb moment” that will get them toward their next step in the journey to better health.

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